About Me

My Story

I’m Alex Mensi, a documentary photographer based in Montreal. I document and create visual stories around the world. My work is about true storytelling, emotion filled photographs and capturing life as it unfolds.

Working in photography for over 15 years, I’ve owned a studio, tough classes, shot weddings and I probably purchased way too many cameras. Lately I think I found my zone. The place where I belong and that, is telling stories with my images. Document life or a specific subject with a defined objective in mind.

As you will see, my stories are not composed of 50 000 words. I prefer to let the images do the talking. Over the years I worked with companies of all sizes, newspapers, magazines and individuals. For me, the project or subject is what matter.

Like many photographers, I love gear. Yes, the camera is just a tool but you have to agree that some tools are cooler than others. So developed a passion about photography gear and I love to talk about it.

If you like my work, with to work with me or if you simply need advice, get in touch me!.

Recent Awards

Photojournalism 2020

Nature 2020

Architecture 2020

What gear do I currently use?

I created a Kit page just for that and it’s updated frequently


Post-production is yet another skill any photographer needs to master. I’m far from being a master but I’ve been using these tools for a while and for me, they fit my workflow perfectly


On my desktop, Capture One Pro is my main editing software. Especially with latest additions, It allows me to fully edit and archive my work with one software.


On the road or for a quick edit, I always use Lightroom Mobile on my iPad Pro. It’s very powerful, you can edit RAW and load files directly from the memory cards.


If you are going to take quality photograph, you need to print them to fully experience the emotion in your work. For that, I rely on Canon Pro Printers. They are superb.


For me, peace of mind is everything and Backblaze gives me that. Par of my 3-2-1 backup strategy, Backblaze sync my computer and external archives in real-time to the cloud.

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