Peak Design's Cuff 2.0 - Review

 Peak Design's Original Cuff vs Cuff 2.0

Peak Design's Original Cuff vs Cuff 2.0

Everybody knows I'm a huge Peak Design fan. I own a lot of their products and bags. During their last KickStarter campaign, I ordered 2 of their bags. The reason is simple. They are extremely well designed and their build quality is awesome. On all my cameras, the default strap I use is the Cuff by Peak Design. It's reliable, lightweight and the most important thing, it doesn't botter me when I shoot! Most straps get in the way when you shoot and it's very anoying so I always end up removing them.

Initially, when I first saw the Cuff 2.0 at my local store, I asked myself why would they need to make a new version of a great product. After looking at the packaging, I immediately noticed that the new Cuff seem more refined. So I purchased one along with Peak Design's Leach 2.0 (more on that later).

What changed? 

Everything!!! Seriously, even the webbing is different. It's not an improvement, it's a brand new product and they nailed it once again. The stiching match all their recent product. It's clean and discreet. The adjustment slider is now made of aluminum and can be locked into the full open position for an easy on or off. This is something I always wished for on the previous model.

There is also a protective piece of what seemed to be waxed kodra on one side of the strap. Not only does it look very nice, it also protect your strap from wear and tear. The kodra also hides a little magnet. This magnet can be repositioned when the strap is used as a bracelet. I've never actually used the Cuff as a bracelet so I can't comment on this improvement. However, it does feel a lot less secured then the previous anchor attachements.

Both the anchor links and the quick connect were redesigned. The new quick connect is a bit slimmer but still rated at 200 lbs so you have nothing to worry about. They are also fully compatible with the quick connect and anchor links.

In terms of price, the new version is a bit more expensive. 38.00$ vs 30.00$ (CA$) for the old version but it's totally worth it. The Cuff 2.0 is currently offered in black and in a new colour; light gray (ash).

What do I think?

It's amazing. Really! I will replace the Cuff I currently have on all my cameras. I strongly recommend the Cuff 2.0 if you are looking for a secure, lightweight and elegant way of holding your camera! So far, I haven't found anything better!

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