Welcome to Mensi Photography.

I consider myself a street & documentary photographer. A visual storyteller. I love to capture the life and energy of the streets and document life as it unfolds. No 2 days are the same. There are just to many factors that can affect the mood or influence your photographs.

I’m a very passionate photographer and I love both the technical aspect and the conceptual aspect of photography. In my love affair with photography, I owned a studio, I thought classes, and I shot all kinds of assignment but one thing remained… The creative possibilities that photography has to offer are infinite!

I’m currently shooting exclusively with Fujifilm. I'm using X-Pro2, X-T2, X100F and X70. I’m also a big fan of prime lenses. Like many of my peers I used to travel with heavy DSLR gear but since I switch to Fujifilm, everything changed for the better. I take a lot more photographs and my back doesn't hurt anymore.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Alex Mensi